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United FAQs




1) Is There Financial Aid?


Yes! Please see the financial aid section of the website for an application. Applications will be accepted until funds have been depleted.


2) Do I Have To Register For Tryouts?


We encourage you to pre-register for tryouts HERE to make check in run quickly.  There is a $20 charge for tryouts.


3) How Do I Register For My Team?


Visit the registration Join Us/United registration section and sign-up within 30 days of being offered a spot on the team.


4) Can You Explain Fees?


Club fees are paid to the club only and cover registration and training fees. Team fees are paid to the team and covers things such as: league, State Cup, Stadium usage, Tournaments and misc.


5) Can We Make Payments?


YES! When registering with the club you have the option of paying in full or choosing the payment plan option that withdraws a monthly payment on the same day.


6) Can I Choose A Payment Day?


Contact Amy at if you need special arrangements for your payment day!


7) What Happens If A Payment Is Declined?


You will receive an automated message stating your card was declined and you will also be contacted by the club.

8) How Do I Post The Declined Payment?


Log into your member account, click on the GREEN PAY NOW button and post the missed payment via credit or debit card. You can also update credit/debit card information by clicking on the Change Credit Card button.


9) What Is The Birthdate Cut Off?


JULY 31st.


10) How Long Is The Season?


UNITED is a year round program with mostly tournament play in the summer, the RCL Fall and Spring League, and the State Cup.


11) Will We Have To Travel?


YES! Most of the teams travel all over the state of Washington.


12) How Many Practices Will There Be During The Week?


Minimum of 2.


13) Do We To Have Volunteer?


YES! All families must complete 3 consecutive hours.


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