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Financial Aid Application Form

It is the mission of Snohomish Youth Soccer Club (SYSC) to provide opportunities to all players that have a desire to learn and grow in the game of soccer. In support of this mission, SYSC strives to maintain its position as the most affordable Western Washington select/premier club within the Washington Youth Soccer Regional Club League. For families that may need additional help in making SYSC costs affordable, we do have a financial aid program.  The aid program offers qualifying players financial assistance to help cover some of the player costs.  We also encourage families to consider additional options to help cover costs, for example, through our referee program.  The referee program not only provides a supplemental income that can cover all player costs, but also helps form a stronger connection to the game and enhances the respect to referees for those players involved in the program. Many players within Snohomish Youth Soccer Club, participate in this program and have had all fees paid for through earned time as a youth referee.

Aid Level By Program

Recreation: $100, $130 or $150 (based on age) must pay $50 volunteer fee & $50 raffle ticket fee


Snohomish United (Select/Premier)

U10 and Under, $350-$750 off depending on income level. $375 upfront fee required

U11 and older: $500-$1000 off depending on income level. $355 upfront fee required

Players agree to sell 5 books of raffle tickets and return the money to the club. Those who do not will not be eligible for financial aid the following season.

Once an application is approved an email will be sent to the guardian. Guardians are required to register the player online and set up a payment plan with a credit card. Monthly payments will then be adjusted. No personal checks will be accepted except for paying remaining fees in full.


Snohomish United Financial Aid Application
Select an option

Documents Required Upload Below

Proof of Income
Proof of Income
Tax Return
Tax Return
Has your child been approved for a reduced lunch program at school?
Lunch Letter
Lunch Letter

By signing below, I/we also understand that this application is for the current season only and does not apply to future years. If a player leaves the club during the season for any reason other than custody cases or medical reason, they are obligated to pay the club back for any funds issued to the participant. I understand that by accepting financial aid from the club I agree to sell 5 booklets of raffle tickets and return the money from those sales to the club. If I fail to turn in the balance of the ticket sales I will no longer be eligible for financial aid in future seasons.

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