Financial Aid

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It is the mission of Snohomish Youth Soccer Club (SYSC) to provide opportunities to all players that have a desire to learn and grow in the game of soccer. In support of this mission, SYSC strives to maintain its position as the most affordable Western Washington select/premier club within the Washington Youth Soccer Regional Club League. For families that may need additional help in making SYSC costs affordable, we do have a financial aid program.  The aid program offers qualifying players financial assistance to help cover some of the player costs.  We also encourage families to consider additional options to help cover costs, for example, through our referee program.  The referee program not only provides a supplemental income that can cover all player costs, but also helps form a stronger connection to the game and enhances the respect to referees for those players involved in the program. Many players within Snohomish Youth Soccer Club, participate in this program and have had all fees paid for through earned time as a youth referee.


Below you will find a link to the form used to request financial aid. Please review and complete the form if you want to find out if you qualify for aid.  SYSC evaluates financial aid applications based upon the income and household size parameters below in conjunction with other income, business activity and assets for a player’s family. Completed financial aid applications will be considered for financial aid at the sole discretion of SYSC and any financial aid is subject to availability of financial aid funds.  Applications that do not include all of the information requested will not be considered for financial aid.


Financial Aid Application Form

Submit Completed Financial Aid Application Forms 


  • Mail to SYSC Attn: Financial Aid 27 Pine Ave Snohomish WA 98290


  • Drop off at the office during office hours.