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Recreational FAQs




1) Is there financial aid?


Yes! Please see the website for an application. Applications will be accepted until funds have been depleted.


2) When do practices start?


All Rec teams will start practicing after the Bigfoot tournament in August.


3) How long is the season?


The season's duration is based on the age group which will  6 weeks, 8 weeks, or 10 weeks.


4) When are the 1st games?


The fall season always starts the weekend after school starts in September.


5) When will we receive game schedules?


Schedules are created by North County. They will be distributed to the coaches approximately 1 week before the start of the season.


6) When should I hear from my coach?


You should hear from your coach by the 2nd week of August.


7) Can my player stay on the same team?


All players will be registering according to their birth year. We do not guarantee placement.


8) How do I get my volunteer fee back?


If you volunteer at a tournament or during the league season as a field marshal you will need to get a formed signed off on. This form then needs to be given to the SYSC office who will then issue the refund.



9) Can I choose my player's jersey number?


No a number will be assigned.


10) Does my player need soccer cleats and shin guards?


YES! Players will not be allowed to play without them.


11) Can I get a refund for religious reasons if I cannot play on Sundays?


No refunds will be issued for the inability to play on Sundays.


12) Who chooses practice days?


All practice days and times are determined by your coach.


13) What happens if the practice days do not work with my schedule?


You have the choice of withdrawing from the program, but the policy states no refunds will be issued after the registration close date.


14) What is the birthdate cut off?


January 1st - December 31st.


15) What size ball do I need?


U8 (2010) and below is  a Size 3. U9-U12 (2009-2006) is a Size 4. U13 (2005+) and above is a Size 5.

16) Where are Micro games and practices held?


All Micro games and practices are all held at Stocker fields




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