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What we do.

Snohomish Youth Soccer Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides a 'holistic' soccer education and presents a number of different club hosted tournaments. We always strive for excellence both on and off the field through our primary and supplementary programs. Our primary programs consist of Snohomish United, Snohomish Recreational, and TOPSoccer. Snohomish United is a year long premier level program that competes in the highest level of competition in the state, regionally, and nationally. Snohomish Recreational is a local 3 month long program designed for those looking to just have fun and play with their friends. Our award winning TOPSoccer program (The Outreach Program of Soccer) is a community-based training and team-placement program for young athletes with disabilities, organized by youth soccer association volunteers. This program is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl, ages 4 to Young Adult, with a disability of any kind.


In our continued effort to provide more opportunities for our players to develop and grow and as both players and people, we provide many supplementary programs. These supplementary programs are: United Summer College ID Camps, College Education Program, a specialized Goalkeeper Training, and the United Speed and Agility Program.


Leagues & Affiliations


Snohomish Youth Soccer Club is a member of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA). Our premier program, Snohomish United, competes in the Washington Youth Soccer's Regional Club League (RCL) and is also a member of the United States Development Academy (USSDA) at the boys U-12 age group.


Founded in 2010, Washington Youth Soccer’s (RCL), is comprised of the top 18 clubs in the state and provides the highest level league play and player development. To be named a Regional Club, Clubs must adhere to the Regional Club League Charter, which outlines rigorous standards including criteria and levels of coaching licensure, player development curriculum and training guidelines to ensure standardizations across the League and that all Clubs are of equivalent caliber. The RCL is for players U10-U19 and beginning in 2012, will also deliver programming for U9, U8 and U7 players in accordance with USSF development principles gathered from top clubs throughout the world.  These development ages are being given Academy formats to train and play into the game’s best practices.

The RCL features flexibility in scheduling, the highest competitive level of play for teams in Washington Youth Soccer, and a commitment to development for each individual player.

What is the US Development Academy (USSDA)?

Following a comprehensive review of elite player development in the United States and around the world, U.S. Soccer created the Development Academy in 2007 to provide education, resources and support to impact everyday club environments that will develop world-class players. The Academy Program's philosophy is based on increased training, less total games, and more meaningful games using international rules of competition.


The Academy also connects National Team coaches directly with the Academy clubs to develop and identify players and coaches for future Youth National Teams. Each Academy club is evaluated by a member of the Men’s Scouting Network at least ten (10) times each year and each Academy club receives two (2) formal reviews that provide feedback in seven (7) Key Performance Categories each year from U.S. Soccer Technical Staff.


Developing a world-class coaching system is fundamental to developing world-class players. Education is a continuous process. As the game of soccer is constantly evolving, it is important that coaches are knowledgeable on current domestic and international trends. The Academy is also focused on identifying and developing the next generation of elite referees. U.S. Soccer assigns up-and-coming officials to participate in Academy games at the local and national levels.

To maintain a focus on club training environments, Academy players and teams do not play in any outside competitions without written permission from the U.S. Soccer Development Academy staff. Full-time Academy players can only participate on their designated Academy team, with only two exceptions: U.S. Soccer Training Centers and National Team duty. The Development Academy's 10-month Program allows for a greater opportunity to institute style of play and implement a system according to U.S. Soccer's Development Philosphy. It also gives teams increased opportunities for younger kids in their club to "play up" against older players in both training and matches, thereby accelerating their development. Academy players choosing to participate in the Academy full-time will forgo playing for their high school team.

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