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Goalkeeper Training

Snohomish United's Goalkeeper Training Program is a year-long age specific program designed to develop all key aspects needed in order to be successful at this position. The Goalkeeper training program is an inclusive program meaning that training and instruction is at no additional cost to the player. There was a time in the game when the role of the Goalkeeper was considered to be less important than the other players within the team and the role was minimized to just shot stopping. This is no longer the case.


At Snohomish United, we emphasize the development of all players and feel that the Goalkeeper has a special place within the team. At times, the Goalkeeper's performance may be responsible for whether or not his/her team wins or loses a game.


Our Goalkeeping Staff, is commited to training the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects that are need to succeed at this position. Our staff holds position specific training twice a week and seamlessly communicates with the individual team coaches to create a total integrated approach. Goalkeepers must attend Goalkeeper training at least once a week regardless of whether or not their team has training scheduled at the same time.

Contact Information


Sergio Soriano

GK Coach U10-U13

(360) 435-2480


Bobby McLaughlin

GK Coach U14-U18

(425) 327-8840

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