2022-23 Fees & Costs

Snohomish United offers an all inclusive payment structure. Club fees, uniform and team fees combined into one easy to manage payment plan.


Boys & Girls

Monthly Fees

Amount Due at Registration:  $250 (with uniform)

Total Number of Monthly Payments:  10

Payment 2-11:  $87

Payment Date:  15th of Each Month

UNIFORM INCLUDED IN FEE (Includes two jerseys and black shorts and black socks)


Club Fees+Uniform Fee + Team Fees = 


Boys & Girls U9-U10

Monthly Fees

Amount Due at Registration:  $375

Total Number of Monthly Payments:  10

Payment 2:  $275

Payments 3-11:  $170

Payment Date:  15th of Each Month

Optional Uniform Adds $375 to Total


Club Fees + Team Fees = 

HS Boys 4.jpg

Boys & Girls  U11-U19

Monthly Fees

Amount Due at Registration:  $375

Total Number of Monthly Payments:  10

Payment 2:  $337 (U13+ Additional $25 for US Club Card if required)

Payments 3-11:  $232 

Payment Date:  15th of Each Month

Optional Uniform Adds $375 to Total


Club Fees+Team Fees = 


Club Costs

Club Fees cover coaches fees, association, state, league and scheduling fees, facility and equipment maintenance, insurance, administrative costs, referee fees, sanitation and other expenditures as outlined in the program. Also included is TeamSnap for team and club communication and College FitFinder for High School aged teams.

Soccer Game

Team Costs

Teams Fees are included in your payment plan paid to the club. It includes five (5) in-state tournament entry fees,  coaches gear and auction baskets. ECNL players will have additional fees to cover their event entry fees. Teams can submit additional items to the auction as a fundraiser but are not required to.  Each family will receive 1 tickets to the Auction/Brewfest held this summer. 

Financial Aid.jpg

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to families that qualify.  The amount of the awards is based on need.  It is applied to your club fees and can not be used to cover teams fees or uniform costs.  More information and our Financial Aid application can be found on our website HERE.



Uniforms required by the club are $375 and are included in your monthly payments during  a uniform year.  The kits includes: 2 pairs of shorts, 2 jerseys, and 2 pairs socks, sweat jacket, training shirt, sweat pants, and a backpack.  The 2021-22 season is a uniform year.  Sizes will be turned in and the club will purchase uniforms for players.  Uniforms will be shipped directly to players home address.


Raffle Tickets

Raffle Ticket sales were designed to help our parents offset some of these costs of playing premier soccer. Selling a booklet of tickets allows families an easy way to reduce their total fees by $100. If you prefer not to sell or buy the tickets assigned to your player, you can simply return the booklet to the office during office hours and your fees will remain the
same with no reduction from ticket sales as well as no additional increase in cost – it is all factored in when you register your player.


Volunteer Hours

Volunteer Hours are required for each player. Once a family completes the required 4 hours of volunteer time they will receive a $125 refund on their account.  Team Managers receive full credit for their players hours. Other volunteer opportunities happen throughout the season and include tryouts, 3 summer tournaments held at Stocker Fields, the auction and our raffle.