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SYSC Recognized as 2015 Champion of Economic Impact In Sports Tourism

Snohomish Youth Soccer Club in collaboration with Washington Youth Soccer, US Youth Soccer, and the Snohomish County Sports Commission was recognized as a 2015 Champion of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism.


Total Room Nights: 4,315

Total Economic Impact: $4,587,060


This was the first year Snohomish hosted the Presidents Cup. The event was granted to the area following Snohomish Youth Soccer Club's success in presenting other competitions, including Snohomish Bigfoot Soccer Tournament. Also playing in Snohomish’s favor were the abundant facilities at Stocker Soccer Fields. The Presidents Cup allowed Snohomish to host 120 boys and girls (U13-17) soccer teams from across 14 states. As a result of hosting, the area is able to cement its status as a soccer community and can demonstrate its capabilities to host future national championships.

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